How do I publish an NFT with Funrise?

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If you haven't created an NFT yet, we recommend checking out our guide on How to create NFT.

Once you have created an NFT, you can immediately put it up for sale or keep it. Other users will not see it until you put it up for sale.

To put an NFT up for sale, go to your Profile.

The Put on sale button will take you to the NFT edit page, where you can put it up for sale.


Set up the price and tokens quantity, click on the “Put up for sale,” and you’re all set!


Here you can set up:

start price - the amount with which you want to open an auction. The first bid cannot be lower than the starting price.

reserve price - the minimum amount of $USDC$ USDC you’d be willing to accept for an NFT.

duration - for the auction to be active.

Please note that users cannot change the reserve price once an auction starts.

You can check the status of your NFT in the Transaction history section on the Profile page.