How to purchase NFT?

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Once you’ve found an NFT that you want to purchase, there are two options: Fixed price and Auction. 

NFT at a fixed price sale - click the "Buy" button.
If you have enough cryptocurrency in your wallet, the amount will be deducted from your balance, and the transaction process will commence.
If your balance is insufficient, you will be prompted to top up your wallet.

To top up, use the built-in widget by clicking the Refill button.

After refilling the balance, you will be returned to the NFT page.
Click the "Buy" button again, and you are all set.

NOTE: wallet address on the picture above is not your wallet address. Don't send funds to this address.

Auctioned NFTs require bids.
You need to have enough $USDC$ USDC in your wallet to place a bid.

For auction participants apply the following rules:

  • bids are debited from the wallet
  • if another participant outbid the bid, the money would be returned to the wallet
  • notification that the bid has been outbid will be sent by SMS to the account's phone number, which was used during registration
  • if the auction is still live, you can place another bid higher than the current bid by clicking on “Bid again.”