About Polygon blockchain

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Cost-effective eco-blockchain

We are not wasting the planet's resources in vain. For Funrise, we have chosen $POLYGON$ Polygon, one of the most energy-efficient blockchain implementations.

What is Polygon?

$POLYGON$ Polygon (formerly "Matic") is a network built on the Ethereum blockchain as a scaling solution to address some of the drawbacks of Ethereum: high fees and energy consumption. $POLYGON$ Polygon operates a "Proof-of-Stake" consensus mechanism used to validate transactions on the network. This is far less energy-intensive than cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and their "Proof-of-Work" model - which requires heavy energy consumption to run the powerful computers that operate the network.

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Why do we choose Polygon instead of Ethereum?

In Ethereum, the typical fees known as "gas" can vary widely during a single day, sometimes reaching up to $150 or more simply to process a transaction. This adds huge fees on top of the cost of the NFT itself.

$POLYGON$ Polygon provides a more cost-effective experience and has significantly lower fees for buyers and sellers of NFTs because of its consensus mechanism.

Good news: gas-free NFT minting!

All transactions on our site are free of transaction fees (a.k.a. gas-free).