How to create NFT from Instagram

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You can create an NFT by clicking "Create" on the Profile page and tap on Instagram.

If you didn't connect your Funrise account with Instagram, the following steps would also take you through the authorization process.

Create NFTs from INSTAGRAM

Choose Instagram

You will need your credentials to log into your Instagram account.

Allow access to Funrise

And that is it. You can now mint NFTs using your Instagram content.

After social network connected, tap "Create NFT" once again and choose Instagram as a source network.


1. select the post you want to turn into an NFT and tap at Create

2. fill in the information about your artwork: more details, the more interest in buying.

3. choose how you want to sell at a fixed price or by auction.

Below in this article, you can find a detailed explanation of these points.

Set up on sale

Before you finish NFT creating, it's essential to know the following.

By default on the NFT creating page, your item is "on sale mode". That means if you will not turn the switcher to OFF position, after creating it will be instantly mint and listed to catalog.

Put on sale - switch the button off if you are not ready to sell your work, you can always set up on sale your item later.

Quantity - you can create fungible items (items with many copies) by setting the number next to Quantity to be greater than one. That will be the maximum number of copies you will be able to mint for the token. Read more about quantity and fixed price.

Royalty - the fact that NFTs are created and stored on the blockchain means they can be traded seamlessly from wallet to wallet, with royalties paid every time they move. Read more about Royalty.

A fixed price sale is one where the price stays fixed. As a seller, you can set royalty up to 50%. Read more about recommended price

Auction - here, we are talking about a timed auction where the highest bid wins at the end. For the auction, you can create an NFT with only one copy. As a seller, you can set royalty up to 50%. Within secondary sales, you will receive this percentage. Read more about Auction

Duration - here, you can set for how long you would like the auction to go on.

Keep in mind that once you click Create, the process of minting an NFT will be launched. It is impossible to change the description of an already created NFT.

Fill out the fields and click Create
A bit of technological pixie dust...

Congrats! That's all.
As we promised on Funrise, minting NFTs is easy.

P.S. you can check NFT status at Transaction history on the Profile page.