How to transfer a cryptocurrency to Funrise wallet

  • Updated

Transfer only $USDC$ USDC (Polygon) to your Funrise wallet.

Wallet address can be found on the Finance page. Click on the profile picture and go to the Finance section. 

There are several options for how to transfer cryptocurrency to Funrise wallet.

1) To transfer tokens from the Ethereum network to the Polygon network, you need to use the bridge from the Ethereum network, and, if necessary, exchange your tokens for $USDC$ USDC in any exchanger, for example, 1inch / sushiswap / quickswap

2) If you using MetaMask you can simply buy ETH within it and swap it to Matic tokens. Then swap Matic to USDC (Polygon) and send it to Funrise wallet. You can do this in the MetaMask extension also. 

3) If you using an exchange like Binance / / Coinbase check our guides on how to top up Funrise wallet.