Withdraw to Binance account

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For your first cryptocurrency withdrawal, we strongly suggest withdrawing a small amount first in order to familiarize yourself with sending cryptocurrency between two wallets and to avoid sending your funds to an unknown/non-existing wallet. Please note that since transactions on the blockchain are irreversible, missent funds will likely be permanently lost.
You will need to open an account and follow the necessary steps for connecting a payment method (e.g. bank account, credit card, PayPal account, etc) and ID verification.
Once you've created your account, the exchange will provide you with a crypto wallet address.

To receive USDC go to the wallet section.

Click on deposit

In search bar type USDC and choose it.

Choose network - scroll down and choose Polygon (from time to time it's suspended)

and here are the address. Copy it.

Go to Funrise and tap on menu icon at upper right corner

Go to Finance page

Tap at Withdraw

Add wallet address you copied at Binance app and amount

Double check receiving wallet address and confirm withdrawal

Soon you will receive your funds.

If Polygon blockchain is suspended you can set a reminder or just try later.