Wallet refill via Crypto.com app

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If you have Crypto.com account you can easily top up your Funrise wallet with $USDC$ USDC (Polygon) via Crypto.com application.

If you don't have $USDC$ USDC at your account you will need to convert it from other cryptocurrency or to buy it. To buy within the app tap at Trade - Buy - $USDC$ USDC - and choose preferred payment method.

Let's walk through the withdrawal process in details.

At Home page tap at Transfer

Tap at Withdraw

Tap at Crypto

Tap at External Wallet

Tap at + icon at the upper right corner to add new wallet address

Select USD Coin

Select Polygon network, add Funrise wallet address and wallet name

At withdrawal whitelist choose added on previous step wallet address by taping Withdraw USDC

Type withdrawal amount and tap at Withdraw

Paste 6 digital verification code

And submit transaction.

Congrats, let's go Funrise!